I’m doing a NSFW swap a friend is organizing on Facebook and this is what I came up with. It’s not really a super original concept to put a word like “cunt” on some floral or otherwise feminine background but I have all of this patterned fabric I never embroider on because I think it’s too distracting. I really like how this turned out though.



Home is where your mugs are.

I made this as a housewarming present for one of my darling friends, but I haven’t decided how to frame it yet so I haven’t given it to her (sorry Larissa, you’re going to see it here before real life!).


The teacup and wreath are from the Black Apple pattern pack from Sublime Stitching.

The back of this one also turned out very nice and clean before I got it dirty with an old gross iron.


Don’t worry, I got a clean iron soon after this picture was taken.

Reproductive Diagrams

These are two pieces I just finished baed on sketches I did of diagrams from my human sexuality class in college.

I’ve been meaning to stitch these for a long time, funny thing is, I’m not even sure where the diagrams are anymore so I can’t name some of the things that are numbered on the male cross section (my memory is the worst!).


I am also particularly proud of the backs of the work I’ve been doing lately. It makes me feel really good to have a nice clean back with no knots.



Here is the sketch they are from-


I tried to make them look as much like a sketch as I could. The drawing has black pen and colored pen. Since it is ink you can see the black from under the color and that was the hardest thing for me to figure out how to translate to embroidery. I ended up doing everything in the colors with two threads and then doing the black with one so you would see the color around it. You can click any of the photos to go to my Flickr page and see them in much bigger sizes.

Dresser to Credenza DIY

A few months ago I turned an old dresser into a credenza to put my t.v. on. Since I moved into Ryan’s house I’ve finally been able to use it and since I found my camera I have pictures too!

I didn’t take any before pictures but imagine that brown with two more drawers. I took the drawers out along with the stuff that holds drawers in ( I don’t have any idea what that’s called). I hand sanded everything, primed it, and painted it.

The wood there is old barn wood that was at my parents house. I used a hand saw to cut it and felt very strong for a few hours.

The credenza spent a few months living in my parents barn before I moved into the house with Ryan and there was room for it. Now I keep my camera collection on it, electronics cables in the drawer, and the t.v. and Wii on top.

Local Casting Call Doesn’t Even Give the Lone Female Character a Name

I stumbled upon this casting call being shared from one friend to another on Facebook.

The casting call is for a film called In My Skin which says it will “will stay clear from gay cinema stereotypes. It will be a gay noir. “. Great. It’s going to stay away from “gay cinema stereotypes”, I’m all for that. Unfortunately it is not staying away from sexist cinema tropes.

There are 5 “Key Characters,” 4 high school boys whose descriptions range from a paragraph to one sentence. Then there is the “Girlfriend.” The only female character, and the only character they couldn’t bother to come up with a name for. It’s not like she is unimportant, her description is longer than one of the male characters, she just doesn’t get a name.

What’s unfortunate here is that this will probably be written off because no one says her name in the script, or she’s just in one scene, etc. But what happens when you don’t give a character a name is that the are not a person with traits, they are an object. Here, Girlfriend is not a character but a prop.

How hard is it to just put some thought into the only female character? The author probably knows a bunch of women’s names ze could have chosen from, but instead chose not to.


p.s. I know it’s been a while, stay tuned for a post full of excuses.


You probably (haven’t) noticed but I didn’t make anything to post this week. Oops!

That is because I have been busy learning to take care of twin babies. My boss had twins 3 months ago and now she unfortunately has to go back to work. I, on the other hand, am still only working weekends until the middle of June. So for 3 days of the week I’m twin-sitting most of the day.

I have been thinking about how much blogging I’m going to be able to do once I start working full time again and now I think I’ll get to ease into figuring that out.

One of the things I find frustrating in my life right now (one of very few things, I’m very lucky) is that I feel like I’m living in two places. I live at home, where all of my things are. And I spend a few nights a week at Ryan’s, where I have to plan ahead if I want to have my things with me. I find it hard to get a lot done when i’m shuffling between hanging out there, working, and being home. I think to solve some of this I’m going to start bringing my camera with me more places so I can take pictures and have something to blog about.

One day I’ll just live one place and be able to come home after work and do things, eat, sleep, and repeat.

Until then, and to make up for not making anything this week I’m going to make a list of the things I’d like to do this summer. So, if you get these posts in e-mails, I’m sorry to send you two in one day, and if you came here on your own- thank you and please check back later to see the list!

Make Things: Spring Swap!

Spring has sprung, even if it’s a little confused about what kind of weather it’s supposed to bring with it.

Thankfully, March had 5 fridays so it was time for a Phat Quarter swap. The theme is “spring” and I had lots of wild ideas about making a really crazy weather forecast thing, but it wasn’t going to work out the way I wanted it to, so I took this as an opportunity to practice some stitches. I don’t often do fill stitches, because I  forget they don’t all have to be satin stitch to fill something well.

The S is just running stitch, the P is filled with french knots, and the R is filled with fern stitch.

The I is satin stitch. The N is a detached chain stitch (also known as lazy daisy) but I kept the entry and exit points wide so it would look scalloped. The G is done with running stitch.

I probably should have painted the back of this frame too, huh? Oh well! Having a frame with staples in it makes it easy to finish a piece. I cut a piece of thin cardboard to the size of the frame, wrapped the fabric around it and stuck it in the frame. Then I folded the fabric down and pushed the staples down.

I thought about putting a nice piece of fabric on it to really make it look “finished” but I don’t want it to be complicated if the recipient needs to take it out to wash it.

I did add some string so it can be easily hung up though.

I’m going to send it out in the mail tomorrow, but I wanted to show it off today!

What have you been making lately?

Comments on “7 Things A Good Boyfriend Needs To Know About The Menstrual Cycle”

Today I came across this post on Thought Catalog. The post is called “7 Things A Good Boyfriend Needs To Know About The Menstrual Cycle”.

In this post I’m going to be using the gender neutral pronouns “ze, hir, hirs, hirself” because people of many genders can menstruate. On that note, this article might be better called “7 things partners of menstruating people…”

Most of the “7 things” aren’t so bad. Really, none of them are bad.  But there are a few things I’d like to add.

1. This is a good thing. It means your girlfriend isn’t pregnant or so overworked and/or undernourished that she can’t go through a very normal bodily process. These scenarios probably require a little follow-up on your part, and both are thankfully above my pay grade.

Okay, yeah, it could mean those things and this is a positive way of looking at menstruation. But just remember, just because ze’s not pregnant (assuming ze doesn’t want to be) and not malnourished doesn’t mean ze has to enjoy having hir period.

2. This isn’t really going to impact you for a significant percentage of your intimate life. Usually, there’s going to be five to nine days per 28 day cycle where your girlfriend will be directly impacted by cramps, her flow, and bodily discomfort.

And in fact, it doesn’t have to impact you 100% of your life because there is nothing a menstruating person can’t do if they want to.

3. This isn’t a big deal. As in, if you don’t live together or haven’t been dating for longer than a couple months, don’t panic if you have or haven’t been updated on the progress of her cycle. If she seems otherwise excited to get to know you and you’ve started to have sex or are planning to start imminently and says that she can’t hang out on a particular day, don’t push it. Just offer to go out later.

Common sense. It’s not a big deal. If ze doesn’t want to hand out with you, you generally don’t need to know why. You can just hang out with hir later (if ze wants to).

4. Leave tampons in your bathroom if she stays at your place often enough to leave a toothbrush. This is also a generally thoughtful thing to do for that 35% of the population that might come visit your apartment. If she’s already brought some over, keep a mental note on the brand and type, or just ask what she prefers.

I guess this is a nice thing to do but it feels overly “nice guy” to me. There’s no reason to go out of your way to buy hir tampons. Why are you assuming ze uses tampons anyway, have you ever even heard of a menstrual cup? I don’t think it’s necessary to keep tampons at your house if you don’t menstruate or know for a fact a menstruating friend would appreciate them being there. If I didn’t sometimes use tampons I wouldn’t have them around just in case a friend needed them.

Instead, if you have a person who you know menstruates over “often enough to leave a toothbrush” you can ask if ze would like to keep whatever menstrual products ze uses in your bathroom. They might want to, they might not. I think it’s important to ask before you assume.

5. If your girlfriend says she’s sore, hurts, or just asks for Advil, offer her Advil. You would do this if she had a headache, wouldn’t you?

This one’s pretty solid. Pain is pain, no matter the cause.

6. Period sex. Seriously, if she’s complaining that cramps are killing her, offer to have sex and suggest it might help her cramps go away. Cramps result from pelvic muscles pushing ova and uterine linings out; sex and the correlated thrusting, penetration, and orgasm(?) stretch those muscles out the other way and clear out debris. It’s like a warm-down. If height allows, have sex in the shower. Otherwise, put a towel down, have her on top, and shower after. If this squicks you out, think of it as extra lubricant.

First of all, what is that question mark near “orgasm”? Does this author not believe in orgasms?

More importantly “offer to have sex and suggest it might help her cramps go away” sounds creepy as heck to me! Chances are ze’s already heard that having an orgasm can help with cramps, but PIV sex is not the only way to do that. Some people also have sore breasts and vulvas during their period  or just don’t want to have sex. So don’t try the “oh but baby I just want to help your cramps” route to try and have sex with hir.

I also don’t like the idea that the only way to have period sex (PIV) is with hir on top with a towel down. If you’re putting a towel (or two or three or anything else or nothing) on the surface you’re having sex on you can pretty much do everything how you would if one (or both or all) of you weren’t menstruating (so safely and consensually).

7. Chocolate chocolate chip cookies. Women on their periods craving chocolate aren’t hysterical; they’re trying to replace a lot of nutrients and energy regularly flushed out. Framed positively, learning how to bake things with chocolate and doing so on a regular, semi-frequent occasion is a really easy way to do something nice for your girlfriend and get credit and praise very disproportionate from the effort you put in.

Overall I would have said this was a pretty okay article and then it went here. Not all menstruating people crave chocolate, or crave anything. Making assumptions like this are stupid and all they say to your partner is “I don’t actually know what you like so I’m basing how I treat you on stereotypes”. Unless ze actually likes chocolate (or you like chocolate) don’t bother stocking up.

Also, doing anything for “credit and praise” in a relationship and not just because you care about that person seems silly.

Final word, I think the best thing a partner can do for their menstruating partner is take cues from them on how ze feels about it. Ze might want some extra attention, particular foods, alone time, or nothing different than any other time. Like a lot of things, menstruation doesn’t need to be ignored, but it doesn’t need to be a big deal either. So if your partner doesn’t make a big deal, you don’t need to either. But never, ever, ever, devalue someone’s feelings because they are “on their period” or you know or suspect they have PMS. Because that is the worst.

Make Things: Painted Frame

Today I got a late start, Ryan didn’t have to work until 1pm so we spent the morning watching TV. When I finally got home I painted a frame to prepare it for an embroidery swap. Here are some photos! It’s not exactly a tutorial because the only directions you really need are “step one: paint frame”. Haha

I started with some plain frames, white and teal paint, a brush, and something to put the paint on.

Next I mixed my paint up! When you’re mixing a color and white it’s best to start with the white and add the color a little at a time. This way you don’t end up with too much paint because you had to keep lightening it.

Next, and very importantly, paint your frame! Even more importantly, take an instagram picture while you wait for the first coat to dry.

The last step for me was to use the extra paint on a plastic triceratops.

Love, Love.

A four year old girl, sitting on my lap during snack time, was musing to herself, “Love, love,” she said “love for things, love for people.”

It was clear she was thinking about the difference between these two kinds of loves and it sounds corny, but it was beautiful to hear this (adorable) 4 year old thinking that way. There are no shortages of “little kids are wise beyond their years” stories, but it is always striking when there is a little person who is one minute a philosopher and the next minute whining because no one is helping her with her fuse beads.