I think this sums up how I feel fairly well:

The needle and all of the textile arts achieved through the use of a needle, including knitting, crocheting, sewing and quilting, latch or rug hooking, embroidery, and cross stitch, seem to be apt visual metaphors for Third-Wave feminists. Growing up in the punk and Riot Grrl movements which fought to reclaim so many aspects of traditional femininity in powerful new ways, Third Wavers have been beset with an exploration of female power and pride intertwined with pre- and postfeminist imagery. The needle is an appropriate material representation of women who are balancing both their anger over oppression and pride in their gender. The needle stabs as it creates, forcing thread or yarn into the act of creation. From a violent action comes the birth of a new whole. Women are channeling their rage, frustration, guilt, and other difficult emotions into a powerfully productive activity.

This is from an article called  “A Stitch in Time: Third-Wave Feminist Reclamation of Needled Imagery”

You can read the full text here:


I really like the idea of “craftivism”. I think consciousness raising groups are an important part of feminism and I think that craft nights and crafting groups are one of the most viable ways to get women together right now. I am fairly certain that I am going to try and hold a “craftivism” night at least once every month next semester. I run a women’s health clinic called The Alternative Clinic on my schools campus and would love if more women than just our interns and patients could feel involved. This may be just the ticket.


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