Adventures in Felting

Happy New year!

This is officially my first post here all year!

I recently went to Hobbly Lobby with the boyfriend. I was taken aback at first by how religious the store was but of course that didn’t stop it from being filled with great craft supplies, including felting supplies!

I have wanted to try felting for a while now but have never tried. When Hobby Lobby happened to have some supplies at the right price I was very excited. I got two different packs of wool roving, one teal and turquoise, and one black and white. I also got a little foam block and two needles. These are special needles with barbs to help tangle the wool.

I started by just messing around with a ball of roving and it didnt really turn out well. Next I went to this great website (who I will be buying more felting supplies from when I have money to do so) and read the tutorial which pretty much summed up what I had done wrong. I semi-successfully made a little octo-friend. I don’t think the wool is tight enough, but maybe just more patience and time spent felting will fix that.

next perhaps I’ll make a¬†stegosaurus!


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