Where My Embroidery Lives.

I have a lot of containers. I love them. I keep boxes and bags and buy suitcases and baskets. I probably have more containers than stuff to put in them.

My embroidery lives in a beautiful suitcase I got for $7 at a Goodwill.

However, that’s not really practical for sitting in the living room working on one project so I also have a current projects basket that I modified to hold my transfer pen, a pencil, a seam ripper, and my adorable embroidery scissors as well as some needles both out and in a container. This way I have a basket to throw my project in but I don’t have to dig for the tools. I also keep hand lotion in the basket, gotta take care of those fingers!

My Things!


p.s. the needles in the blue packet are some of the best needles I’ve ever bought and they came from the dollar store!

Keep Stitching,



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