Hoops & Bows

My friends and I had a crafting night! As it should be this night was filled with embroidery, hooping, and making bows out of our own hair.

First thing’s first: Embroidery.

My friend Whitney (who you will hear more about all summer as we get things going) is an amazing artist and helped me by drawing a great octopus in this funny little teacup thing I bought for a dollar at Michael’s. There is a companion to go with it. I’m working on them now and will post again when they’re done.

Onto the bows!

My other lovely friend, Brianna, learned how to turn our hair into bows and taught us. She found a video on Youtube that taught her how. It was really much easier than I thought it would be.


After that there was some hula hooping, as there always should be! I was very happy to wear this vintage dress that I bought for a whopping $5.

I’ll leave you with the sillyface picture of me hooping.

Keep Stitching,


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