Radical Craftacular

On May 3rd (I know, I’m super late on this) I held an event at my (now ex) college called the “Radical Craftacular”. I wanted to teach people how to embroider while also touching on the radical possibilities of needlework.

I purchased canvas fabric to stitch on because I wanted everyone to be able to participate with as few supplies as possible. Canvas is sturdy and doesn’t require an embroidery hoop.

To help my guests learn I made a zine with stitching instructions and some info about why embroidery can be so radical. I’ll post that another time when i locate the PDF.

Most people made patches or small pieces. It was wonderful! All these people in one room, learning how to embroider (and loving it)!

Unfortunately I forgot to bring my camera so all I have are a few cellphone pictures. I know it doesn’t look like much but that’s because the room we were using was a mess from a previous event.

Erica & Chrissy make patches for their Riot Grrl band

Sublime Stitching very kindly donated this “Floral Fantasy” tote for a raffle at my event.

I LOVE Sublime Stitching!!!

Having a giveaway really was the icing on the cake for me. I was so happy to be able to give someone a project to keep stitching. I’ll try and get in touch with Harley, the winner, and see if she’s stitched it yet!

I can’t even explain how warm and fuzzy I got doing embroidery with everyone who came to my event. Teaching people how to do something new is always a great feeling and something I hope to do more of! If anyone in the Mid-Hudson Valley wants to have a stitching event, let me know and we’ll plan something amazing!

Keep Stitching,


2 responses to “Radical Craftacular

  1. Wow, you make such beautiful things.

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