Old Houses, Old Things.

Last Thursday my friend Cynthia took me and my friend Brianna to see her family’s house in Ellenville (a town next to my own). Cynthia’s family has owned this house for many many years and her grandmother (maybe even great grandmother, I can’t remember) used to be a schoolteacher. There were a lot of really great goodies in the house (besides the house itself which I would have taken pictures of if it wasn’t so late and dark).

Here are some of the goodies!

This was among many many many (I can’t emphasize just how many) postcards. I had never seen a musical postcard before though! If you squeeze the card it squeaks.  The back of the card was great too!

The card reads “Dear Donald I want you to make the birdies sing on your Birthday April 30th 1916 with loving wishes from Aunt Dora.”

A lot of the postcards we found didn’t have addresses, just the recipient’s name and the town, zip code, and state.  These blocks were in a box with other toys. I really liked that the dog was called a “badger dog”.

 One of the best finds, by far were these glasses! I think Brianna should wear them full time, don’t you?

I live in an old farmhouse built in the late 1800’s and all the surrounding farm area was recently bought by the Open Spaces Institute. There is one old house you should expect a post on soon. The house is filled, and I mean FILLED to the brim with taxidermy animals. One of the previous owners was a big game hunter, so expect to see giraffes, elephants, etc!

Keep having fun,


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