A Little More About Me

I am about to turn 22, the countdown has begun! I figure I should talk about myself some more. As I said I am almost 22. I live at home in the Hudson Valley (New York) with my parents and two dogs.

The view of my back yard.
The view from my back door.

I moved back here after I graduated college with a degree in Women’s Studies. I’m not one of those people who never thought they’d come back home. In fact, when I was little my plan was to live at home with my parents forever and ever. But it’s getting hard because we’re selling the house due to financial stuffs. To me it feels like my childhood is getting sold, and right at a time when I need to find an “adult” job, it’s kind of a double whammy.

As I said, I have a degree in Women’s Studies. What does that mean, you ask? It means that I probably have to go to grad school to get a real grown-up job. Really though, it means I study systems of oppression and how they effect women, people of color, people with disabilities, etc. This also means I am a feminist (though you can’t assume all Women’s Studies students are feminists it would be strange to find one who isn’t).

To me, feminism is about a few different things. It’s about recognizing the systems of oppression that effect women and making sure women have the education to make choices for themselves about all things. In recognizing these systematic ways women are oppressed comes recognizing your own privileges. You can replace “women”  with almost any marginalized group and it would fit under the umbrella of what (at least my) feminism is about. My feminism is also about sex positivity, safe sex, women’s health and reproductive rights, enthusiastic consent (asking for a yes rather than waiting for a no), and ending rape culture.

When I was at college, I interned at and then ran a gynecological health clinic called The Alternative Clinic. The Alt Clinic, as we called it, was started as a senior project (I did mine on menstrual education, more on that another time) in 1978. We are the longest running service on campus and I am so so so proud to have been a part of it.  We had a nurse practitioner who sees patients for all kinds of GYN stuff and we provided thousands of condoms, lube, an dental dams to the students. We had a semesterly event called Women Out Loud where we celebrated and raffled off sex toys. I also had 6 interns each semester and these women were some of the most amazing people I have ever had the honor of meeting.

Chrissy & Erica Being Riot Grrrls
Erica reading from her zine at Women Out Loud

My last semester I was among many people to start a feminist club on campus. Before that The Alt Clinic was the main source of feminist action on campus. It was hard to get much more than running the Clinic done, so this club was long overdue. I learned a lot from helping start this club about how groups work together.

More things about me: I have around 12 tattoos, many are hand poked by friends or by myself. Every time I go to count I forget about one or two.  I love to hula hoop and I make my own hoops. I also have a partner, Ryan. He’s pretty great. He took me on a surprise trip to the beach last Thursday, and even though it was a crowded beach in Long Island, it was still sweet of him. He has a grown up job being Assistant General Manager of a hotel. I do have a job, working in a children’s program at Mohonk Mountain House. I’ve worked there for 5 years now (when I wasn’t at school) and it will hopefully soon be replaced by a grown up job.

If it reminds you of The Shining it's because Mr. King is a frequent guest.
I work here

I’ll be updating with more projects and more about me sometime soon.

Keep Stitching,


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