Look at these yummy treats!

I just downloaded a new blogging platform so I can write blog posts offline. I’m hoping this will help me post more, but I’m going to be honest with myself and not feel terrible when it doesn’t lead to a new post every day. The platform is called Qumana and I will let you know how I like it after a few more posts!

Now on to the yummy treats!

A while back I found this recipe for fried (and baked) apple rings on How to: Simplify. It seemed like the perfect fall treat so Ryan and I set out on a delicious treats adventure.

I tend to undercook things because I’m afraid of burning them, so I let Ryan do most of the frying.

Here’s the finished product before the glaze:

At first Ryan and I weren’t sure why we needed to bake the apple rings after frying them, but as soon as we fried them we realized how moist apples are and that all the moisture means a soggy fried treat. The baking makes them crispy (it’s also the best way to reheat them).

Yuuuuuuuuuuum. These were so delicious (but that’s no surprise since we fried them and covered them in sugar!)

Not having a lot of money means not getting to bake extra treats that often, but when we do they are gone before you know it.

Keep eating,


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