Make Things!

As part of my new years blog-olutions I’m trying to make one thing a week. I’m not going to beat myself up when this doesn’t happen, but I am going to try and at least take more pictures of what I make. So here is my first one!

This was my first “fancy” knitting project ( fancy is anything that’s more complicated than just knitting or purling for me). I found this pattern on ravelry and had my friend and knitting guru Brianna help me. It turns out I did the pattern wrong, but it’s still cozy so no complaints here!

I used 100% local hand dyed wool from my hometown. I love getting nice local wool but it is more expensive than blends so I don’t use it for every project.

Here is a link to the pattern in case you’d like to see what it was supposed to look like. I did make another for a friend (and I did the pattern correctly that time) but I didn’t get a picture.

That’s mostly what it looks like on. I got a few pictures that had my face in them but this one was just more fun!


2 responses to “Make Things!

  1. Love this! I have been dying to learn how to knit, Im jealous 🙂

    • It’s easier than it seems! There are so many youtube videos that you can pause and rewind and watch over and over, so even if you don’t have a friend to show you in person you can learn.

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