Reading List

These are probably old news if you’re on the internet as much as I am, but here are some things I’ve found interesting on the internet lately.

A Hipster By Any Other Name -at Sociological Images- because calling someone a “hipster” is just a way we deal with our own insecurities about being “cool.” This kind of read tends to induce some self reflection- am I making fun of this person for being a “hipster” because there is actually something I don’t like about how they are or because there is something I do like but feel I can’t attain?

Knitting Behind Bars – A 67 year old knitter brings zen to inmates in a men’s prison. This peaks my interest on two levels- crafting and gender studies. Not only are these men learning a craft but they are also breaking the gender stereotypes associated with most crafts.

How a kid holding a Carl Sagan book showed us all how truly horrible the Internet can be. – Trigger warning for threats of rape and sexual assault.                   I was never a huge fan of Reddit. The feminism section wasn’t very active and it seems like all the boards are just filled with angry DudeBros. That said, I’m not surprised that people were saying these things to a 15 year old girl. But my lack of surprise does not alleviate guilt or the problem. (Part of) The problem being that there is a lack of safe spaces for women and girls on the internet.

This is just some of the interesting stuff I’ve been reading, I’ll post more soon!


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