Favorites on Friday

This Friday’s favorites are all about embroidery! I am so inspired by all the talented stitchers in the Phat Quarter group on flickr and these are some of my recent favorites.

This faux doily by Smallest Forest

I love the simplicity of the white on the blue (my favorite kind of blue!). Her blog is also filled with beautiful embroidery, illustrations, journaling, and other crafts.  As someone who’s really just starting to blog I look at hers and find myself very inspired.

Pretty much anything Lucky Jackson stitches!

I love her illustrative style and I am jealous of her drawing and stitching skills. Not only does her 365 project make me want to try and stitch something every day, but I want to get better at drawing too!

Abstract stitching by Sarah Hennessey
I love the abstract city she’s created here. Very striking. Using different thread thicknesses gives it a lot of depth and is something I always forget I can do.

There is so much amazing embroidery being made every day and I am so overwhelmed with inspiration. Hopefully I’ll put down the knitting needles for a little while and embroider some more in the near future!


One response to “Favorites on Friday

  1. Thank you so much for the wonderful feature! I am looking forward to seeing more of your work in the Phat Quarter pool!!!

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