Two years ago I picked up a hula hoop for the first (successful) time in my life. I remember being in elementry school gym class and only being able to do it on my arm.

Now I think hooping is pretty fantastic! Anyone can do it, it is good, fun, exercise (fun is the only good exercise, really), and there are so many tricks! I can’t do many of them, but I enjoy just hooping and trying to do tricks.

   I’m part of a website called hoopcity and it’s pretty awesome. I feel a great sense of community, very positive community. Everyone seems to be very friendly and not competitive, which makes it the perfect sport for me! The community is also (from what I’ve experienced) a very body positive one. Hooping is something anyone with any body can do, no matter how big or little. I have been working on my body positivity a lot in the past few years, and I don’t know how directly hooping helped, but I  think it’s played a good part.

Here are my hoops:

I made them all myself except my collapsible one (not in the picture) which I purchased from Troohoops. I have a hard time spending money on something I can make myself, but I also have a hard time letting people pay me for things I can teach them to do, like make hoops. But something like a collapsable hoop seems just the right amount too hard that I feel great letting someone make it for me.

Hooping is easier with wider and heavier hoops, heavier hoops are also better for exercise, but smaller and lighter hoops are better for doing tricks. This is because the wider and heavier the hoops the slower it goes and the lighter, the easier to lift and throw around.

I’m lucky enough to live right down the road from a small hardware store that just happens to have irrigation tubing (the kind of tubing I use for my hoops) and will sell it to me by the foot. Apparently many “big box” stores sell it only in large bulk amounts, which is good if you’re making them to sell but not good if you’re experimenting with different sizes and thicknesses.

I haven’t hooped in a while since it is kind of freezing out, but I’m working on getting access to a space where I can hoop indoors.

This picture is from summer, when it was almost too hot out to hoop.

The T-rex arms come standard with every hoop.


One response to “Hoop-tastic!

  1. I totally agree about hoopcity being a body positive community. Hooping has had a a great effect on my body positivity. I feel strong inside my hoop, and learning to use my body in this creative outlet has really helped me come to appreciate it in a whole new way.

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