Make Things!

Since I figured out knitting enough to make two or three things I decided I needed to learn to crochet as well. I started with square things, so I wouldn’t get ahead of myself (okay, that’s a lie, I also experimented with some roundy bits that didn’t turn out so well, haha).

It’s pretty simple. I think I did a row of 20 all the way across and maybe 20 tall as well. The yarn is 100% cotton so I can actually use it as a dishcloth. As weird as it is to clean your dirty dishes or wipe up a spill with something you made yourself, it’s also pretty awesome to not need to use paper products as often.

Can you tell what my favorite color is? I just got this sweater from Old Navy (yay sales!) and realized it’s almost a match for one of my favorite nail polishes. I won’t pretend it’s not from the Justin Bieber collection of Nicole by O.P.I nail polish. It’s just such a perfect robin’s egg blue that I had to get it.


One response to “Make Things!

  1. Just what I was thinking; even your crochet hook matches!

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