When I Was Cool

Once upon a time, before I was employed at a big victorian castle, I had hair the color of many things. In high school my hair was purple, red, pink, and most of all- blue. I LOVED my blue hair. It’s the favorite color hair I’ve had.

A lot of bloggers I admire have fun colored hair, and I envy that they are employed either by themselves, or by someone who lets them have fun hair.

So anyway, I promise I was cool once, and now I’m just cool when I’m not working (I have to hide my peircings and tattoos at work as well). These pictures are from when I was probably 16 or so, and I feel like telling you that was in 2006 makes me really young, but I’m 22 now and that’s apparently not as young as I think.

 I may have been sleeping off a night of “wild” camping here, but since I was 16 let’s say I just ate too many smores 😉


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