Make Things!

I like to spread my hobby time out really thin, having rudimentary skills in lots of things has to be better or just as good as having amazing skills in just one… right? One of the things I’m just kind of okay at is sewing on a sewing machine! (okay, to be fair one of my goals is to get better at this). I can make straight lines and that is good enough for a lot of projects, including this knitting needle case!

I used a tutorial that Multicrafty posted (in 2007, but it’s still there and still awesome). It took less than 2 yards of fabric which means I have leftovers for playing with!

It rolls up and ties and gets covered in dog hair, but does the job!

You can see it has thinner pockets at different heights and some of the smaller pockets are wider. It took me a while to figure out why it was so tall (you can see how far it goes above the tallest needles) and then I realized that folding it down keeps anything from falling out. Genius!

It took Brianna and I like 6 hours to make our cases, but we were taking turns on the sewing machine and also dealing with the tension getting messed up every few minutes. We had also never followed a pattern or really sewn something like this.   It will probably take someone who knows what they are doing a lot less time.


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