Sorry, I’m a dog person.

Here’s the thing folks, I like cats, they’re okay. But they’re not dogs. I am and will forever be a dog person. I’ve always had dogs and I hope I always will. I won’t go into a big long explanation about why I think dogs are better, but one of the biggest factors is that cats often seem to be indifferent towards people for the most part and I’m just not looking for that in a pet.

Look at this love. This is my first dog Ollie. As you can see, I have always been great at napping.

How could you not love this dog? She was so beautiful!

These are my current puppies. Wendy with the spots and Simcha who looks like a little fox. They’re both so adorable. Simcha is super high strung and scared of everyone which is annoying sometimes but she is a great cuddler.

Wendy is just the sweetest thing ever, but very silly. She’ll play fetch by whining at the couch until I get whatever she’s lost under there and then play with the ball or nut I retrieve for her for a minute. After that she’ll put it back (or pretend to) and whine until I get up and look again.

One day I decided they should meet some lobsters (who we had in the house to make stew). When there was only one on the floor she was all “oooh what is that, I could totally eat that if you let me” and as soon as she was outnumbered she got very scared. Haha!

So nothing against “cat ladies” but I’m more of a “dog lady” myself.


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