Groundhog Day, the Surprise Ending.

Welcome back! If you didn’t already read the post about my Groundhog Day festival experience you can do so here (and I hope you do). This is part two, the next day where we went back to Punxsutawney to poke around the shops without the crowds.

The whole town has groundhogs all over it painted differently. This one was outside a hotel right in the town center. He and Ryan are hotel buddies!

That same hotel had this “ladies entrance” on the side of the building. I’m very curious about the history of it and will have to do some research.

This is where Phil lives when he’s not prognosticating. He lives in the library but there is a window to the outside world so everyone can see him.

Next we drove up to the knob which was bare and smelled like hay. You can see the set up much better in the daylight and without the crowd.

This is Phil’s house. This is where the story takes a surprise turn! Okay, it was only kind of a surprise but this is the part of the story where Ryan proposed to me. He hid the ring (that I had previously picked out) in Phil’s pile of hay which was very sweet.

We tried to take kissing pictures and missed.

The reason I say it wasn’t really a surprise is because we’ve talked about marriage before and decided together that it is something we want (it’s still exciting though!). For us the decision to get engaged on groundhog day was something we’d joked about in the past, so I wasn’t shocked by this turn of events. I don’t like the idea that one partner gets to decide “okay now it’s time to be engaged, yes or no?” That reeks of traditional marriage ownership crap. No thanks. I’m looking for a partner not an owner, and that’s what I’ve got with Ryan.

We’re planning a longish engagement because neither of us has any money. We’re okay with that. This was more just an opportunity to let our friends and family know how we feel. Neither of us really like talking about ourselves though, so that bit isn’t our favorite.

I’m sure by now all you want is to see the ring so here you go! I’m going to have to get it resized because it’s about half a size too big.

Isn’t it pretty? It’s a sterling silver filigree band with a moonstone with some impressive blue/green flash (that I couldn’t get a picture of).

Overall Groundhog Day was pretty fantastic, I’m sure once we really start planning some wedding type stuff I’ll post more about it!


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