Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day!

I know not everyone is super into Valentines Day, but it can be a fun day to tell people you love them and eat lots of candy! To celebrate the spirit of the holiday I’m going to show you the valentine I made for Ryan. 

“THERE ARE FOUR HEARTS!!” is a Star Trek reference, of course. There are actually six hearts on the card, but don’t try and tell Captain Picard that.

Along with the fun stuff there are a lot of gross sexist messages that get tossed around for Valentines Day. Often these messages are about trading sex for gifts on V day. More specifically, women trading sex for gifts from their (heterosexual male) partners. This is all part of a commodity model of sex that says women have an item of value (sex) that men have to try and get from her. There is a whole lot more to say about this and it goes beyond Valentines day, but we’ll talk about it some more when I don’t have silly valentines to show you!

These are some awesome gender swapped valentines drawn by Jess Fink for Comics Alliance. 

These valentines are meant to be fun and silly but also “as a way to get perspective on how differently comics (and our culture) treats the different sexes…”

 There are a few others including one with Batman and Catwoman, you can check them out by clicking the Archie Valentine.

How do you celebrate Valentines Day?


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