Make Things: Glitter Key!

I saw this great tutorial on how to glitter your key over at All Things Charming. I was inspired to try and make my own sparkly key too! Here’s how it went:

First I gathered my supplies. It turns out that although I have a zillion random craft supplies I don’t have simple white glue. Bizarre. I do have ModPodge though so I used that.

I used a paint brush to get the key nice and gluey.

After you get the glue on it’s time to dump the glitter. The most important thing I learned teaching arts & crafts to kids is to always have a piece of paper under your work that you can use to funnel the glitter back into your container.

The last step is to seal the glitter with a few coats of clear nail polish. The tutorial at ATC suggests using a few coats and she is spot on. Keys go through a lot of jingling about and not only do you want to keep the glitter on your key, you want to keep it off of everything else.

Thanks to All Things Charming for the tutorial, be sure to visit her blog for a lot of great crafting and DIY inspiration!


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