I’ll show you mine

I was honored to have the Vulva Mary featured on a blog of vulva art. Wrenna Robertson, who include me in this blog also offered to send me a copy of her amazing book “I’ll Show You Mine“.

The book is a collection of photographs of vulvas. Each photo is taken by the same photographer from the same angle and in the same light.
The book has an amazing mission; provide a resource for people to see vulvas and the variation in vulvas. This will not only help others feel more comfortable with their own vulvas ( and others) but will get people to recognize that the vulva exists!

It is interesting to read the intro, where the author writes about how many people say vagina when they mean vulva because we’re never taught the specific names of our genitals, and then continue on to the writing of the models. Many of them refer to their vulva as a vagina, something that really stands out after the introduction. In college and even now, my mission is to get people to use vulva when they mean vulva. After all, we don’t say elbow when we mean arm (not a perfect metaphor, I know).

I’m the type of person who would use this as a coffee table book. Call it consciousness raising if you want, but I just want to provide my friends the opportunity to see other vulvas. Having the book around is a great way to create the opportunity without shoving it in anyone’s face.
I was also thrilled to see the inclusion of a few trans bodies in the book, and that these bodies are not held to any different standard than the others.

The book can be found at showoffbooks.com (or clicking the picture or my other links) and is sold from $30 to$50 on a sliding scale. They also provide copies to physicians offices and resource centers.

I suggest checking it out and reevaluating your ideas about what female genitals should look like.


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