December Phat Quarter Swap

Every month that has a fifth Friday we do a swap over at the Phat Quarter group on Flickr. December’s theme was “it’s not the end of the world.” Sometimes I think I take things too literally, but I also think I put a funny spin on this.

The fish on the jacket is my way of paying a little homage to my swap partner, filmresearch. He does a lot of amazing embroidery including his coelacanth (it’s a fish!) collection. I was lucky enough to receive an awesome piece from him in a previous music themed swap. It’s here if you’re interested.

I stitched this on canvas and decided afterwards to back it with a fun polkadot fabric I had on hand. I ended up sewing it together like a pillow without stuffing. I think it would have looked a bit less like a pillow if I had ironed it as well- ah hindsight!

My partner’s already received this and I’m happy to report he likes it very much, which makes me ecstatic!

I also received something pretty great in the swap.

SalvagedMutiny made this for me and I think it’s awesome! The fabric is hand rust-dyed, which is a process I had never seen before, and the red thread is metallic! I love swaps because you get to see such a wide variety of techniques.


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