Reaching Out to: A

This is the first installment in Reaching Out Week! If you’re curious what the heck I’m talking about check out my post about it yesterday- here.

Today I’m reaching out to A at All Things Charming. She was one of the first people I noticed reading my blog when I started blogging. All Things Charming has DIY ideas, fun recipes, and more.

I’ve mentioned her blog before when I showed you how to make a glitter key, an idea I got from ATC. I really like the DIY ideas she comes up with because they are often simple ways to improve what you already have.

Another great post of hers to check out is her recipe for cookie dough egg rolls.

YUM! It’s a dessert that is really simple but you can dress it up and impress everyone (click the picture for the post).

I hope you’ll check out All Things Charming and enjoy her awesome posts!

Check back tomorrow for another Reaching Out Week post featuring another awesome blog!


4 responses to “Reaching Out to: A

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  4. I basically just sat here forever going through your blog! It is fabulous! Honored to have a post too! Keep up the bloggin! I cant wait to see what else you have to share!

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