Reaching Out to: Melissa

Welcome to the second installment of my Reaching Out Week series! If you’re curious what the heck I’m talking about check out my little intro post here basically I’m posting all week about blogs I love!

Today I’m reaching out to Melissa at Needle & Nest Design. I’m not sure how or when I found Melissa’s blog, but I’m so glad I did! Melissa is a home-maker, an art maker, and more! She recently gave birth to her second child, a son named Hudson. Hudson and his older sister Azriel are not the only attractions over at Needle & Nest, Melissa also makes a lot of non-human projects as well!

One of my favorite things about Melissa’s Nest is the abundance of doily’s & lace. You can see in her picture above that she’s got some doily on her sweater, well she did that herself and I think that’s awesome. I have to say my favorite “doily” tutorial she’s done is the tablecloth to skirt tutorial.

Click to go to Mel's tutorial!

I think Mel has a beautiful eye for creating as well as a great sense of humor (she links to the Carol Burnett Gone With The Wind parody in the tutorial). Now that I’ve got wedding planning on the brain, I think I would love to find a beautiful lace tablecloth and make, or have it made, into a dress.

I really hope you all check out Melissa’s blog (Hudson’s Birth Story is one of my recent favorites) and see all the amazing posts there are to read.

Tomorrow we’ll continue with a blog of a different color, I hope you check back!


5 responses to “Reaching Out to: Melissa

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  2. Well gosh, thanks Leslie! That’s a whole lot of sweetness, and I’m honored to have made your ‘go-to’ list… delighted to know another lady that loves lace/doily too!
    You’re getting married then?? Congrats!!
    Mel ;o)

    • ❤ you're so very welcome! I'm so thrilled you stopped by to check out the post.
      I am getting married, it may be a while yet, lots of money saving to do first!


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