Reaching Out to: Uncutting

Reaching Out Week rages on with day three! The intro post is here and here are days one and two if you’re interested (which I hope you are).

Today’s featured blog is thematically quite different than the past two, but I think it fits right in at LightningLeslie. I’ve posted some feminist content in the past, but I tend to be more radical in my feminism at my Tumblr blog (also called lightningleslie). I think that may be because there is so much amazing content to reblog there, but I’m trying to incorporate my feminism into this blog as well so it can be a better representation of my interests.

One of my favorite Tumblr blogs is Uncutting. Uncutting is written by a young man who is not only interested in the human rights issue of infant circumcision, but who is restoring his own foreskin.

I am anti circumcision (on individuals of any gender who cannot consent). This blog does a great job with explanations in a way that I don’t find shaming to people who have circumcised bodies, or to people who made the choice to circumcise their children without having been educated about it.

However, he is clear and firm in the belief that circumcision on a non consenting individual (all infants) is wrong and that many people do grow up to resent it.

His post titled “Why I’m Against Infant Circumcision” is a great place to start.

What’s even more interesting is that he is restoring his own foreskin, something I knew nothing about until discovering Uncutting. The process is a lot like stretching one’s ears, but much cooler, I think.

 Check out Uncutting on Tumblr and hopefully you’ll get to learn something new about foreskin and about the movement.


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