Reaching Out Week Recap

I’ve really enjoyed making these posts because it was nice to really sit down and think about why I like some of the blogs I like. I also really appreciate the responses I got from the bloggers and really hope you will  check out their blogs!

A Quick recap list:

— The intro post is here!
— On day one I wrote about  All Things Charming
— Day two was all about Melissa at Needle & Nest Design
— On the third day we talked about circumcision with Uncutting
— Day four was all about Love Elycia, and
— Yesterday was about Kaylah at The Dainty Squid!

I really tried to include a variety of the blogs that inspire me, from blogs with a lot of followers (Kaylah & Elycia) to blogs with a message I believe in (Uncutting).  I certainly did not get to include all the blogs I  follow though, so maybe I’ll do this again some time!

Before I go here’s a list of a few things I have in the works that you should expect to see soon:

— Hunger Games patches (I’m obsessed with the series)
— My new blue scarf
— My junk collections a.k.a I’m a packrat and I love it.
— More hula hooping now that we’re getting a warm day every once in a while
— A hair tutorial for one of my favorite victorian looks


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