Make Things: More Scarves

For the holidays my sister got me some beautiful yarn. It’s 100% wool, by Quince & Co. The color is Bird’s Egg and I just love that they name the different thicknesses of wool after different birds. This is Puffin, a chunky wool. My how I love chunky wool!

I had it sitting in my stash for months waiting for the perfect project to arise, but since it was getting to be the end of February I decided I needed to make something soon!

I cast on 26 and did a simple seed stitch until I ran out of yarn then I did a three needle bind off (my favorite way to join a scarf like this one). This took two skeins   and ended up being exactly the right size.

The color is more like the first two pictures, the second turned out very blue. It’s definitely a robin’s egg color, which if you haven’t guessed, is one of my favorite colors. I’m glad I finished it so quickly because it’s been warm out these past few days. I hope I get some wear out of it before spring really gets here!

What do you knit once it gets warm out?


2 responses to “Make Things: More Scarves

  1. I’ll knit something using cotton yarn.

  2. Good idea! I learned how to crochet this winter using cotton and I enjoyed that, I’ll have to go beyond my comfort zone (scarves) and make something summery. Perhaps a swimsuit? haha

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