Update on the Pinterest TOS

This is an update to my last post about Pinterest and its Terms of Service.

As of this evening Pinterest has proposed new Terms of Service (that would take place April 6th). This is a great thing! Clearly the site is responding criticisms. It seems to me that this may sort of alleviate the problem, legally,but not functionally. It is still very easy to “pin” something without credit.

I’ve really been enjoying using Clipix today (nesting categories is fantastic!) and I’ve also noticed another thing that illustrates how the site cares about protecting the copyright off sources.

If you go to a website with images you can often right click on an image and open it in a new tab or window all by itself. If you do this to an image the Clip It bookmark tool will not let you Clip It. But if you go back to the website it came from you can Clip It with no problem.

This ensures that there is a source it can link to. I like that a lot because I’ve found quite a few pins that link to an image and not the site it came from. Google image search for the address of the image works sometimes but not always.

The bottom line: It’s good that Pinterest is changing its TOS but the functionality of the site still makes it too easy to leave off credit. Plus, Clipix has nesting categories and privacy settings that offer more versatility in a bookmarking site.

I’ll still be going to Pinterest to see what my friends Pin (especially since Clipix isn’t as social a site as of now) but I will be going to original sources and Clipping them onto Clipix.

My Clipix page can be found here.


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