Paint Chip Bunting

It was gorgeous out all last week so on Thursday I got to work and made some bunting to decorate my room. I really like how it turned out and I think it has a nice quality of looking “DIY” and handmade without looking crappy (not that anything any of us ever makes looks crappy, haha).

I started with a handful of paint sample cards I got at the hardware store down the road. if you want each triangle to be one color you should get the cards with larger squares of color (the bunting above is actually the in-between parts of the triangles I cut). The bigger the square, the bigger your triangle can be without words on it. I didn’t mind having a little bit of the color names left, so I just cut them as big as I could.

Next I took a thick thread meant for sewing buttons and hot glued it to the back of each triangle. Tape would work just as well if you don’t have hot glue. Any other kind of string or ribbon will work fine too- this is a very versatile project!

I would consider this for wedding decoration, easy to sit down with friends and make a lot of it some afternoon.

(If I were better at staging my photos I would have backed the cars out of the frame, oh well!)

After taking these pictures outside where you can actually see the colors I hung them up in my room. I took pictures but my orange room makes everything orange, see for yourself-

and that’s after lightening it!

I actually really like the duel color bunting I made with the leftover triangle parts (see the first picture). It says to me “I know I’m made out of paint samples, and I’m not trying to fool anyone.”


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