Walking the Dogs

It got cold again! What’s that about? I suppose it was just normal March weather, but it seemed freezing after those 70 degree days we’d had. Before it snowed a little this weekend, Larissa and I took our dogs for a walk on the local Rail Trail.

Above are Larissa and Daisy. Daisy is a little ball of energy, and very sweet. We’ve tried to get her and Wendy & Simcha (my doggies) to be friends before when Larissa would bring Daisy over. It sort of worked, but Simcha would hide and  Daisy and Wendy would either ignore each other or just not be able to calm down.

We decided neutral ground would be better, so I brought Wendy along (I didn’t think Simcha and Wendy could handle it together). It worked, mostly in that Wendy & Daisy ignored each other 90% of the time. They did get to see a horse though, which was pretty exciting!

Wendy was a very good girl and by the end of our nice long walk her tongue was about a mile out of her mouth.


One response to “Walking the Dogs

  1. Looks like a great place to walk. Thanks for sharing.

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