Make Things: Spring Swap!

Spring has sprung, even if it’s a little confused about what kind of weather it’s supposed to bring with it.

Thankfully, March had 5 fridays so it was time for a Phat Quarter swap. The theme is “spring” and I had lots of wild ideas about making a really crazy weather forecast thing, but it wasn’t going to work out the way I wanted it to, so I took this as an opportunity to practice some stitches. I don’t often do fill stitches, because I  forget they don’t all have to be satin stitch to fill something well.

The S is just running stitch, the P is filled with french knots, and the R is filled with fern stitch.

The I is satin stitch. The N is a detached chain stitch (also known as lazy daisy) but I kept the entry and exit points wide so it would look scalloped. The G is done with running stitch.

I probably should have painted the back of this frame too, huh? Oh well! Having a frame with staples in it makes it easy to finish a piece. I cut a piece of thin cardboard to the size of the frame, wrapped the fabric around it and stuck it in the frame. Then I folded the fabric down and pushed the staples down.

I thought about putting a nice piece of fabric on it to really make it look “finished” but I don’t want it to be complicated if the recipient needs to take it out to wash it.

I did add some string so it can be easily hung up though.

I’m going to send it out in the mail tomorrow, but I wanted to show it off today!

What have you been making lately?


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